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False Accusations Against Black Men Is Apple Pie - American

As I’ve stated in other media segments, I am certain, based on the evidence that has been made available to the public, that his accuser had ulterior motives in leveling these serious charges against the young football player. None of them valid.

I’ve since heard sports pundits and many others in the media, even given the evidence of the accuser’s lack of veracity, continue to skewer Mr. Elliott for various off-the-field antics , somehow, strangely so, giving his accuser some quasi-platform, under the umbrella of “where there's smoke, there has to be fire” BS.

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They contend that the NFL’s desire to suspend Mr. Elliott for six games of the 2017 season was justified in some way because of these other incidents that, in the real world, are NOT germane to the reason for the suspension.

This to me shows a lack of focus and real objective decision-making on the part of these so-called sports experts. Further, it seems to me that as soon as you say the phrase “domestic violence” in regard to a player, much less an African American player, the allegation HAS to be true. I’ve seen so-called African American pundits go along with this narrative as if they are completely ignorant of history in this country when it comes to falsely accusing so-called African American men of wrongdoing, especially when it comes to white women.

I believe that it is lost on some of these white apologist brothers that anything and everything we do as so-called African American men is amplified in the court of public opinion. They act like there is no real bias when it comes to the leveling of accusations against us, and for some reason has decided, that a white woman who accuses a black man of violence against her is telling the truth. In this particular case, it has been proven, even by the system that has a tendency or predilection to incarcerate so-called African American men for just about any trivial offense, that nothing of a credible nature has happened, thus no prosecution. Yet, I watch over and over again as these brothers indict Mr. Elliott as if they are attempting to distance themselves from the ire of the believers of this accuser, thereby validating the debunked accuser’s allegations.

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I say all of that to say this…

Don’t these people realize that falsely accusing African American men of crimes they have not committed is an all too frequent, but never really addressed to any real or effective echelon, tradition of this country? There are and have been many cases where African American men are villainized to real degrees for things we do not do. They have even gone about the task of creating imaginary black criminals when it suits them to cover other crimes committed by they themselves. ( Susan Smith, 1994)

This is indicative of the predilection of certain people to falsely accuse so-called African American men of crimes and other abhorrent behaviors because it’s easy. It’s easy for a certain facet of this society to believe that we as black men are all capable of the most egregious acts. It’s very simple to fit a black face into whatever scares whites or fits the “violent because of black” narrative. Sadly, even our own so-called idols and leaders of the black community spread this kind of thinking. I find it bizarre, in this Elliott scenario, that these black pundits are still calling for suspensions and some kind of punishment in the face of the verifiable innocence of Mr. Elliott, as it pertains to the criminal justice system. It sickens me, really.Whenever I hear these people disregard the lack of criminal charges and the basic exoneration of Mr. Elliott by law enforcement, and bolster it with some diatribe about domestic violence and how it should not be ignored, I want to scream,

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I’m a little disillusioned by the presumption of innocence for my brother because even our own brothers will not give us the benefit of the doubt. I am further frustrated because it seems that they want to ignore the obvious racial aspect of it and the history that shows we as so-called African American men are at risk for being falsely accused of things we have not done.

I won’t fail to mention the case of Emmett Till and the subsequent revelation that his accuser was lying and had kept up the lie for decades until just recently when she admitted that she had made it all up. This is just the most famous incident of being falsely accused while being black and male… history is rife with stories just like this one, known, unknown and purposefully obscured.

I would at some point sincerely hope that my brothers out here that are still chastising Mr. Elliott for his off the field behaviors would focus themselves on what is relevant to the case…

He’s, by all accounts, being punished for something the criminal justice system has cleared him of. Further, if you want to go with the “smoke and fire” analogy, his accuser is not believable or credible with evidence and investigation proving this out.

Where there is evidence of abuse, then there should be prosecution and subsequent conviction. That’s easy logic and should never be up for debate! It’s not hard to believe that the system did due diligence in Mr. Elliott’s case because I truly believe that if they could have thrown his black ass in jail, they would have. But even they could not manufacture an indictment because the accuser was certainly and egregiously not believable! Do you understand how unbelievably implausible your story has to be to not be credible in the prosecution of a young black man? Now there will be those that say he wasn’t prosecuted because he had money and fame…

Garbage line of logic.

Mr. Elliott doesn’t make a lot of money based on his rookie contract. He doesn’t, at this time in his career, have OJ money. Further, you cannot convince me that Jerry Jones would put his southern boy reputation on the line to VEHEMENTLY defend any black man that beat white women. His support of Mr. Elliott went beyond that of an owner trying to protect an asset. (which is part of said support… I ain’t stupid) But what Jones said in the backing of Elliott speaks volumes as to what was really in play.

Look… Coming to the rescue of LYING white women at the expense of our brother is reprehensible. And to convolute the issue with domestic violence rhetoric in a situation where there was no proven domestic violence is irresponsible and not fair to this young brother. Stop contributing to the history of racial injustice… because that’s what you’re doing, whether you believe it or not.

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