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As a hit man, Dan Collins has come face-to-face with death on many occasions. But he's recently had an epiphany-he wants out of the game. It's time to pick up the pieces of his marriage and repair his relationship with his estranged wife, Amy. But before that can happen, he must face death once more Delano's time is drawing near to the end, and he needs to pass on the "gift" to someone who is worthy of it. A dark and dangerous man, Delano calls himself a Reaper-one of a legion of harvesters in the employ of the Creator. When Dan unwittingly intervenes in a divine event, Delano thinks he's found his man. But Dan dismisses Delano as a religious zealot and rebuffs him outright, leaving Delano in a titanic quandary. If Dan doesn't accept this gift, the power to harvest and store righteous souls-and the true source of the Creator's power-will fall into the hands of a rogue Reaper, Etan, and mankind will be lost A soul-stirring novel, Righteous Souls explores good versus evil, the symbiosis of the supernatural and the human experience, and the healing power of love.

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