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Can You Shoot A Laser Beam From Your (fill in the blank)? - The Idea of the Fundamental Truth

After a recent conversation with someone in my family, I think it's important for me to get a concept out in the open for those who really don't understand the importance of fundamental truths. I'll elaborate…

I was talking to a certain member of my family and we got on the conversation of one of the major topics of the past year as it pertains to a certain lifestyle choice. And as with any hot button topic, there were varying points of view. Some of these points of view are religious leaning and the other points are socially moralistic in their origins. In any case, these points of view are sometimes in competition with one another. Each point of view is espoused to having the upper hand when it comes to what's right and wrong or benevolence. I can truly understand that everyone has their sense of what reality is based on their own personal experiences and what is going on around them. In essence... what we find true to us, ergo, jibing with our sensibilities, positively or negatively, is our reality. So, given the topic of lifestyle choices and how one should be able to live their lives, whichever side you're on, that's going to be your truth.

We live in a country where individual rights are championed at every opportunity. We like to say that our country is a land of the free and that everyone has a right to live however they want. And that is true to some degree. There are still statutes and laws that dictate how we go about our daily lives. In theory, we can do whatever we want as long as it doesn't infringe upon the rights of others. So in reality, we cannot do WHATEVER we want. We Americans are free to do whatever we want. The most free society in the universe … but only as dictated by law. Therein is the irony.

But what about the behaviors that aren't necessarily dictated by regulations. What about the laws of nature that have parameters that can be blurred. There are some laws of nature we are forced to obey like protecting ourselves from the elements or gravity. But even in these cases we sometimes manipulate these laws to our benefit. There are parameters of nature that can be blurred. Malleable parameters modified to suit personal desires.

There are some laws of nature that are discredited or bypassed based on personal preferences of pleasure and sole satisfaction. It seems that we want to take some fundamental, normal mechanisms of nature, and because they can be manipulated, morph them into something that's not natural or away from thier true functional purpose, altogether. I believe that this is the basis of many problems that we have in our family units and relationships today.

As I'm having this conversation with my certain family member I begin to understand that this person was trying to convey to me what they had garnered from the "uber-tolerant" society around them. There were terms being used like "equality", "love", "equal rights", etc. etc.

And as these words are coming from this person's mouth, they sounded perfect in the scheme of all things mainstream. It was the same mainstream-media driven rhetoric that we hear from advocates of the "Love conquers all" mantra.

Acceptance. Acceptance. Acceptance. By any means necessary.

Anyone else listening to our conversation would have thought, "This is an upstanding individual who loves humanity and equal rights and has love for everyone no matter who they are, what they believe, or what they do… no matter what!" Everything that came out of this person's mouth was perfect… To the people that would embrace that everyone is "super-special" and that some natural laws should be ignored because of love of humanity, acceptance of individual desires, with a sprinkle of equal rights maxims thrown in for taste.

Call me a pessimist, but it all sounded like regurgitated garbage to me. The statements coming out this particular person’s mouth was the literal “party line” by the mainstream, modern world... Kumbaya, my brothers and sisters! KUMBAYA!


"What was a penis made for?" I asked abruptly, cutting this person off in the middle of their peace and love diatribe.

The look I received was one of astonishment. This certain person didn't understand where I was going with this crass line of questioning so I tried to make it clearer.

"Fundamentally, what is a penis built to do?" I could see this person was starting to understand where I was going. So, smugly, this person answered "Whatever you want it to do.”

I smiled. Predictable... Typical...

Me: "Can a laser shootout your (fill in the blank), just because I want it to?"

Person: "Of course not."

Me: "Can I use my (fill in the blank) as a marker, or bicycle, or a microwave oven?"

Person: "Of course not. That's ridiculous."

Me: "So a (fill in the blank) is not built to do whatever we want it to do. Would you agree with that?"

Person: "Well, with that ridiculous line of questioning, then no. However, a person should be able to at least attempt to do those things with their (fill in the blank) if they so desire."

At this point I leaned back in my chair.

Me: "Anyone can attempt to do whatever they want with whatever they want. That's not the question. The question is... What was it naturally built for?"

Person: "Okay... It was built for (fill in the blank)."

Me: "So, would you consider that the normal use of your (fill in the blank)?"

This person thought the question over for a few moments and nodded their head.

I continued.

Me: "So would you agree that anything outside of the normal use of anything should be considered... abnormal?"

Once again, more grudgingly this time, they nodded their head.

Me: "So the fundamental truth is, the abnormal use of your (fill in the blank) is anything outside (fill in the blank) or (fill in the blank). Would that not be an accurate statement?"

After a few moments of looking at me like I had a penis growing out of my forehead, this person went on to give me a lecture on freedom of choice, equality in the courts, love being the only prerequisite for any kind of behavior, blah, blah, blah...

I listened to the diatribe go on and on knowing that this rush of verbiage from this person meant that I had hit a nerve. I didn't have to say much more after that because I had basically broken down what fundamental truth is and how it should not be ignored. When we get into arguments as to how we perceive what truths really are, both parties are really trying to justify what they like to do or acceptance for the things they've done. We all like for our particular personal truths to be comfortable and, to some degree, acceptable; not diametrically opposed to the lifestyles we like to live or in opposition to individual core beliefs.

I constantly hear from my peers that "men will be men". Basically that means men are allowed to be knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, ogling females, having multiple sexual encounters, chasing cooch and cheating on their significant others because that is just "a man being a man". The fundamental truth is, we as men have the capacity and were built to be monogamous, faithful, and to grow and nurture solid families. That is why we are able to fall in love with one woman and be with that one woman forever. We were not built to be philanderers and misogynists. The reason why I know this is a fundamental truth is because we have the CAPABILITY to be monogamous, faithful, and honorable. When we as men meander outside of these parameters, it is the catalyst for the corrosion of the family unit and, ultimately, its demise. Lusting after and giving into temptation outside of your wife or significant other is degenerate behavior and not that of a person who considers himself a “good” man. Cheating should not be normal… it is really dishonorable to all those involved and is ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR. Men should strive to be the leaders and the moral compass for the people in his sphere of influence. This fundamental truth would mitigate the destruction of relationships and family units to unprecedented levels.

There are some truths that are basic to women that cannot be ignored and should not be diminished. One fundamental truth is women are not able, for the most part anyway, to overpower a man physically. So in this regard, women are not equal to a man. Period. Aside from Rhonda Rousey or a select few on the this planet, most women cannot beat up a man.

Our fluid and ever-morphing society has steered us in a way that gives women a significant amount of power in the home and elsewhere as we move into this new century. Not saying that this is particularly wrong in the scheme of things, however, I do believe that fundamentally men are losing their positions of leadership in families and it's affecting the institution negatively in many ways. If we were to at least give the fundamental truth of the physically dominant gender the respect and honor that God meant for men to have, then perhaps our family units would not be in such disarray as I've seen over the past 20 to 40 years. I fundamentally believe that a woman should not have to take on the persona of a man. Women should be honored by the man above all else in the household, even over the children, (that’s Biblical) and said men should strive to ensure that she is respected, protected and valued, especially if she is contributing financially, or otherwise to the home. However, this should not be construed as license for the man to lose the leadership role in the relationship. A woman should also endeavor to honor her husband with faithfulness, honesty, compassion, intimacy, and wise counsel allowing him to lead, giving the fundamental truth of his physical dominance credence. The problem that I see in the deterioration of the family unit is when there is no real hierarchy in the home. The kids are running the house (not Biblical) with the mother who has had to take on the identity of the man because the man is not acting like a leader and is not honoring his wife because he’s too busy looking at porn and fantasizing about the neighbors wife or the girl at his job. The fundamental truth is that we have blurred the lines of tradition within relationships and it has caused confusion and disorganization, thus, failure. The most successful business cannot operate with ambiguous hierarchies. Fundamental truth be told... neither can relationships.

Further, as it pertains to lifestyle choices, one should remember that there are some natural truths that should be adhered to. We should not be afraid to call things that are outside the natural laws of order ... abnormal. Personal desires tend to take precedence over basic common sense. We have decided that anything that makes us feel good is right. Anything that turns us on should be explored. We have come to the conclusion that if we sprinkle the word “love” over everything, that it makes our behaviors okay. What I have attempted to explain to certain individuals in my family is that not everything we love is good for us. Your feelings do not equal truth. Not everything that is popular is okay. And just because a bunch of people say that something is right and correct doesn’t make it right and correct. I had to explain to my people that stupidity often travels in groups of two or more.

There are some natural fundamental truths that cannot be ignored. These truths need to be given more credibility and value than at any time in our entire history. As we move forward into this new millennium, it's important to understand that there are some basic truths that would make us better people in our society and strengthen our family units.

But I understand the power of pleasure. I truly understand the attraction of the orgasm. I understand the lure of money and fame. I understand the power of beautiful people and the sway they can hold over us regular schlubs. When we don't strive to give basic, undeniable truths their position in our lives, then we fall victim to abnormality and dysfunction.

I know that the conversation that I had with this particular family member may not have done any good. I think that most of society is too far gone with respect to old school values and truths that might hinder fun or the physical pleasure we all seek. I think that the truths of God’s laws, statutes and commandments are a bummer to most YOLO (you only live once) clowns who think they hold a moral high ground to the Most High God Himself.

The fundamental, natural truths of this world are losing their appeal… and I truly believe there is a direct correlation to that and the epidemic of failed relationships, dysfunctional family units in this country, and the chaotic nature of the world as a whole.

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