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Final hours to win up to $100.00 for a few minutes work

Hey family... Just a few hours left to win up to $100.00 for just a few minutes work. the ebooks will remain free to download until midnight tonight. So, go and get your downloads and get to writing! Read below on how to get the cash ...

The first title is THE REAPING OF RIGHTEOUS SOULS and the second is named SOUR PILL - A GUIDE TO SURVIVING IN THE DOMINANT SOCIETY. I need the family to go to the appropriate Amazon page of each of these titles, download the free eBook and then write a review. That's it.

But let's sweeten the deal.

The FIRST of you that can show 5 verifiable downloads and written reviews from 5 different people on the Amazon page for the books THE REAPING OF RIGHTEOUS SOULS (the free Kindle version) and / or SOUR PILL - A GUIDE TO SURVIVING IN THE DOMINANT SOCIETY (also free) will get a $50.00 gift card from me, for each title. That means $50.00 per title... in other words you can win $50.00 for one title or the total of $100.00 for both.

5 VERIFIABLE downloads AND written reviews (per title) will get you a $50.00 gift card (per title) delivered to your door or to your PayPal account. This is how it will work... Have your connects search out the Amazon eBooks by the titles THE REAPING OF RIGHTEOUS SOULS and / or SOUR PILL - A GUIDE TO SURVIVING IN THE DOMINANT SOCIETY, both by Darrell Gray, and download it /them. Then write a review with a FAVORABLE rating. Don't worry about being an actual critic. I'm not looking for a critical review... I'm looking for CLICKS AND DOWNLOADS... If you want to read it /them, then that's beautiful! I'm sure you will enjoy it /them. But I'm only reaching out to family and friends for promotion at this time. The downloads and reviews MUST come from and be on the AMAZON ebooks site... nowhere else will count!!!

Once the names and the ratings appear on the title's page, then I will consider them verified. Verified (verifiable) means actual names attributed to the reviews that show up on the title's page. When that is done, send me an email with the list of names to:

with the heading NAMES AND REVIEWS and I will bounce the names off the posted reviews on the actual site. The names in the email have to match the names on the title's review page. I am able to track the number of downloads, and if they jibe, I will deliver to you the gift card within the week. This is at no cost to you but a little time and a test of our friendship. ;) The ebooks are still available for free download until Thursday so take advantage of this ASAP. The offer will be over on Wednesday, 30 August, 2017 at midnight. THIS IS FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED... I'm only giving out ONE CARD PER TITLE to the first person / people to meet the requirements.

Just click the images above to be taken to the appropriate sites.

Remember... they will have to download the free book before they can review. They may also have to download the free Kindle CloudReader app to do so. Click HERE to be taken there.

Instructions on how to download the appropriate app for your particular device can be found on the title pages also. THANKS FAM! This money is burning a hole in my pocket... DG

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