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This Ezekiel Elliot thing has got me bugged... Coupled with the Colin Kaepernick thing, I'm really getting tired of this NFL using black ball players as examples for punishment when their white counterparts are getting the benefit of the doubt for similar offenses. Go and listen to my Diatribe episode called "The Ezekiel Elliott Suspension - An Exercise In Overreaction" to get an idea of what I'm talking about... This madness has got to stop!

Below are the documents that I have found that are the crux of my irritation! These images are well-known and a large part of the reason why law enforcement officials did not pursue any charges against Ezekiel Elliott. The NFL, in its divine wisdom decided to punish him anyway... I have a few names worthy of mention...

Ben Roesthlesberger, Josh Brown, Riley Cooper, Richie Incognito, to name a few. #doublestandard?

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