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Why are we surprised when we run into racism… still?

Why are we surprised when we run into racism?

Why is it that we still act surprised when racist ideologies raise their filthy heads?

It’s truly amazing to me that in the new millennium, we still act like we are appalled and shocked when people say or do racist things.

It’s something we have been dealing with, if not for several hundred years… since antiquity.

Lately, our president and his minions have decided to go after colleges and universities in the search for criminal discrimination against whites in their admissions processes. Apparently, there is a bias against white people when it comes into getting admission into institutes of higher learning in this country. I was painfully not aware of this phenomenon.

Anywhere I’ve ever been, as it pertains to colleges and universities, I have seen really nothing but Caucasian faces, with minority students speckling the crowds here and there. Not that I’ve been to or have hung out and most of these places to get an idea of the actual ratios of minorities to whites, but in the times I have been to these campuses, I know for a fact there were more whites than any other race walking smartly around with their backpacks, water bottles and shower shoes! (I’m not sure as to why college students where open toed shower shoes with socks, but I guess whatever works.)

But I won’t get into the weeds with statistics of what populations of students there are on major, or minor campuses of this country because I just don’t feel like it. Suffice to say I am lazy and just want to get to the point of this writing.

This new assault on the sensibilities of the civil rights movement and the institutions that have been a part of the leveling, per se, of the playing field for minorities, is a blatant slap in the face of every marginalized people-group in this country, and the lives lost in getting us where we are today in achieving whatever equal status that could be garnered in the face of systematic white supremacy.

They’re not even trying to hide their agendas anymore. Right in front of our faces they are jack-booting their philosophies in an attempt to “whiten” this country once again.

A peroxide of the social order, if you will.

Its’ really a frightening concept to have to behold. Basically, what they are attempting to do, even if they are not successful in rolling back basic tenets of civil rights legislation, is to scare these institutions into backing off any practice of assisting minorities, even if there is a need for it, from being discriminated against. Basically, wipe away the protection we might have so that white applicants can have an easier time benefitting from racist practices. God forbid that a racist in power not be able to practice their religion.

But let’s, for giggles, say that there have been some discriminatory practices leveled against a white applicant, then, in fact, there should be something done about it because bigotry by any standard other that performance is reprehensible.

However, I would gather that if there are some instances of this type of behavior, these are anomalies at best… not a practice. Further, I would tend to believe the actions being taken to punish whatever school that may have engaged in “reverse discrimination”, doesn’t garner the level of action taken by this administration and its known supremacists in power positions.

I see these actions as nothing more than some bitter and bigoted people in control, utterly angry that their “white privilege” doesn’t pervade universally in society. They believe that they should be able to benefit in every way possible, even if it means taking away the protections of the minorities of this country, and intimidating those institutions that may lean toward upholding said protections.

There is absolutely no shame in their game when it comes to their blatant bigotry and xenophobia. It’s mind boggling as to the brash way in which they go about their business, with no real sense of decorum or coyness.

I’m not one to say that we should vote and cast ballots for shits and grins… but I’m certain if we don’t do something here in the next two plus years to get these people out of power, we could realize an America that we have not seen since the end of the civil rights movement. That’s a horrifying thought.

Wait… why am I surprised…

I really shouldn’t be.

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