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I have people in my life that I love.

I love my immediate family.

I may even love the Dallas Cowboys on some level.

But how come if I say “I love Jesus”, I’m considered weird? Why is it if I profess my love for God and the Bible more than a few times, I become some kind of fanatic? A zealot?

It’s funny to me as to the reactions that I’m getting from some as to this new found faith of mine. I’ve been told by someone close to me that religious people “creep” them out…


Of all the things in the world that are truly creepy, someone talking about God, Jesus or the Bible creeps you out? Really?

I’ve even heard one person of a different faith say that another person we knew of a differing faith was “some kind of religious freak”.


It just so happens that the person that said that to me is a “supposedly” a DEVOUT follower of their own faith… but only when it suits them. Part time faith is worse than no faith at all. It’s schizo…

I’m at a loss.

If I were moving about my day talking about the douche bag topics of the day like porn or women to bang, how much more money I have than someone else or something like that, I guess I’m … “normal”? Or what if all I talked about is football or boxing or basketball… that’s not considered freakish?

But as soon as I talk about God’s love and His promise and the sacrifice of Jesus… I’m a religious freak?

I’ve learned over past few months that these types of topics are dangerous to friendships and other types of relationships. People, for the most part, DO NOT want to talk about God. It’s amazing to me how even people in my own family are weirded out by my faith.

But I kind of understand the mindset. It’s uncomfortable to talk to someone about something that is so… in their minds… judgmental.

See, people tend to think because I talk scripture, more than I ever used to, that I’m somehow judging them. They tend to think that I’m trying to “save” them from themselves. Most people are happy with themselves and don’t want to be told that the carefully constructed life they’ve built is filled with spiritual doo doo.

I guess I wouldn’t want that either. So I can see where the disconnect is.

Further, people are not used to hearing me talk in this fashion. It makes them uncomfortable to hear me speak more on Jesus and much much less on coochie or the Dallas Cowboys. Some don’t like the new Darrell. (Some didn’t like the old Darrell, either, for that matter)

I get it.

But I want to make something clear. There is nothing “creepy” about talking about our Father in heaven or Jesus. There is nothing wrong with paying the proper respect to the Almighty. What’s freaky is that there is no room in some of these people’s lives for God or the scripture at all! There is a time and a place for every topic. Yes… even coochie. But the reaction when God comes into the convo is crazy.

Can there be some of those who are too religious? Of course. I will admit that there are those who should be glowing in the dark they are so holy! But if that’s the way they choose to be, I would rather have that person in my sphere of influence than someone who WON’T talk about God but will talk about douchbag crap at a moments notice. I’d rather have a heated debate with someone about the Bible than speak at length about anything with someone who doesn’t know God and doesn’t want to know Him. That kind of person cannot be trusted, in my opinion. Their moral standards are rudimentary at best and are not anchored to real power and the agape love delivered by the Word and God’s grace.

Jesus Freak? Jesus Creep?

Ok… I’ll take that. I love Him.

Better to be a creep for Jesus then a freak for anything less than Him…


#jesusfreaks #religeouszealot

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