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Belief V.S. Believing

What do you believe in? There are many connotations to this question. Do you believe in ghosts? Santa? The Easter Bunny? UFO’s? Aliens for that matter…

What do you believe in? Do you believe in yourself? Your friends or family or even your country? What is the anchor point of your belief system?

The word “belief” is a commanding word. Belief in something denotes a particular level of trust. The trust in existence of something whether it be physical in nature or ethereal. It’s the basis of theory and hypothesis when hard evidence is not available and is usually rooted in “best guess” scenarios. Even in this subjective facet, there is weight given to “belief”.

However the main thrust of this word is rooted in trust.

In recent months, I’ve tried to understand the use of the word as it pertains to what people say about God and His place in their lives. Many people believe in God or some sort of higher power. In that, they believe that one (He) exists. This causes me to think heavily on what that really means to them.

If you believe in a higher power, what is the basis of that belief? If it is not the God of the Bible, how do you justify/validate your position on the existence of said “higher power”? Are you beholden to that power? Should you show reverence?

And what about the God of scripture? If you believe in Him, what do you know about Him? Should you honor Him? Is He held in high regard in your life? If you believe He exists, should you not do all that you can to know Him and worship Him? Should there be repercussions for merely believing He exists but not attempting to know Him or follow His mandates?

When you say you believe in God, do you REALLY believe IN God? Or do you just believe there is A God? Do you know the difference?

I can undeniably tell you, there is.

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